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Dear Hamlin Community,

It is a tremendous honor to serve as the Chair of the Board of Trustees for the 2020-2021 academic year. I am privileged to work in partnership with an incredibly talented group of Trustees. Their energy, passion, conviction, and purpose are inspiring.

The Board of Trustees is an open and engaging body whose mission is to represent the entire Hamlin community in support of our Head of School, Ms. Wanda M. Holland Greene, our extraordinary faculty, and our talented administrative team in the pursuit of our mission to educate girls to meet the challenges of their time and inspire them to be extraordinary thinkers and innovators, courageous leaders, and individuals of integrity. We warmly invite and encourage deep dialogue and constructive feedback from the entire community. The Board of Trustees is a dynamic body that benefits greatly from strong and frequent engagement.

My wife Sarah and I, together with our three children – Zoë (class of ’23), Lucas (Town School for Boys class of ’26) and Sydney (class of ’28) – are enthusiastic and engaged members of the Hamlin family. We were drawn to Hamlin based on the confluence of exceptional academics and the community’s unwavering commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity. Our time at Hamlin has challenged us to learn and grow as a family. We are humbled by the abundant breadth of opportunities to expand our experiences, interests, and perspectives.

This is a turbulent year across our community, our nation and the globe. While it is easy to be hyper-focused on ourselves and our immediate families, it is important that we collectively embody the spirit of Sarah Dix Hamlin as we question our actions, voice our opinions, and evangelize our ideals. While our daughters are deeply engaged with their teachers and peers, learning and honing the skills and tools to meet the challenges of their times, as a community we have the obligation to proactively address the challenges of our times as well. I urge each of us to “dare to be great” in all our endeavors this year. Please engage beyond your comfort zone to embody the spirit of Hamlin within our community, within our city, and beyond.

I am deeply honored and proud to partner with each of you. Hamlin is an exceptional institution with a 150+ year history of service to our community; let’s work together to carry the tradition forward with compassion, courage, honesty, respect, and responsibility.

Scott Gilbertson P’23 & ‘28
Board Chair

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The Hamlin School educates girls to meet the challenges of their time and inspires them to become extraordinary thinkers and innovators, courageous leaders, and individuals of integrity.
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