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List of 13 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Education is important to our family, but we cannot afford the tuition. Is tuition assistance available?

    A. The financial assistance budget for the 2019-2020 school year is $2,515,000. All prospective families will receive information about our tuition assistance program in the application packet. Socioeconomic diversity is an important goal, supported by the Board of Trustees, administration, and full community at Hamlin.
  • Q. Do all Hamlin families live near the school?

    A. No. Hamlin families come from all over the Bay Area. We currently have over 40 zip codes represented in the Hamlin community. Most of our families live in San Francisco, although we have a significant number commuting from the North Bay and some from the East and South Bay. Carpooling is highly encouraged and recommended.
  • Q. Do your students come from "feeder preschools"?

    A. Our students come from many different preschools all over San Francisco and beyond. The current kindergarten, Class of 2028, has 25 preschools represented. The kindergarten classes of 2026, 2027, and 2028, combined, have 48 preschools represented:

    Alta Plaza Preschool
    Bright Horizons 2nd Street
    Bright Horizons Hillside
    Bright Horizons Kansas
    Bright Horizons LDAC
    Bright Horizons Sherith Israel
    Calvary Preschool
    Charles Drew EES
    Cow Hollow Preschool
    Epiphany School
    Golden Gate Guppies
    Grattan Elementary
    Growing Place Family Preschool
    Helping Hands Building STEAM
    JCC Helen Diller
    JCC Tiburon
    Language in Action
    Le Port
    Little Gators
    Lone Mountain Children's Center
    MAGC Garden
    Marin Day Fremont
    Montessori Children's House
    Montessori School of the Bay Area
    One Fifty Parker Avenue School
    Our Lady of the Visitacion Valley
    Pacific Primary
    Peter's Place
    Phoebe Hearst
    Presidio Early Education School
    Presidio Hill School
    Presidio Knolls
    Roland Park Country School
    Russian Hill Academy
    Sherman Elementary
    SLS Preschool
    St. James Preschool
    Starlight Christian
    Stretch the Imagination
    Temple Emanu-El
    The Little School
    The Russian Hill School
    The Serra Preschool
    Tiny Giants Preschool
    Tule Elk Park Children Center

  • Q. When does world language instruction begin?

    A. World language instruction begins in Kindergarten for all students. Our Kindergarten through Grade 8 Spanish program builds toward second-language proficiency.
  • Q. Where do Hamlin graduates attend high school?

    A. Many Hamlin graduates attend local independent and public high schools in San Francisco and neighboring communities. Hamlin graduates also choose to attend boarding schools around the country. As with elementary school admissions, it’s about each student finding the best fit. Please visit the High School Counseling page of our website for more information.
  • Q. What does community service look like at Hamlin?

    A. We incorporate multiple service learning opportunities into our regular curriculum that invite the girls to venture out into the larger San Francisco community, applying facts and concepts learned in school, and fostering relationships with other local organizations. Additionally, Hamlin faculty, in partnership with the Parents Association Lend-a-Hand Committee, provide age-appropriate service learning opportunities for Hamlin students and their families. We also firmly believe that school service cultivates good citizenship and leadership in our students, and we provide numerous opportunities for Hamlin girls to serve their school.
  • Q. What types of sports opportunities are there at Hamlin?

    A. In the Middle School, a variety of sports are offered in the athletics program, and girls have the opportunity to play at the club, junior varsity, or varsity levels. Close to 90% of Hamlin Middle School students participate in athletics in some way! Club level, junior varsity, and varsity are offered in volleyball, cross country, and basketball; in soccer, club level and varsity are offered. We also offer a running club in the fall and spring.

    Hamlin participates in the Bay Area Independent Athletic League (BAIAL).
  • Q. Are parents welcome to become involved at Hamlin?

    A. Parents are an integral part of the school, and we encourage all of our parents to become involved with the Hamlin community. Through the Parents Association, parents are on campus helping in the lunchroom and the library, preparing for numerous Hamlin community events, organizing community service projects, or helping with school fundraisers. You can also find parents reading stories in the classrooms, driving on fieldtrips, sharing a particular expertise as a guest speaker in the classroom, and so much more.
  • Q. Do parents who work outside the home feel welcomed and supported at Hamlin?

    A. Most definitely! Over two-thirds of our families are “dual working.” Hamlin's Extended Day program is available from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. for all grades. Hamlin vacation camps are offered on days when school is not in session but many parents may still be at work. Whenever possible, we offer morning and evening meeting options to accommodate different schedules.
  • Q. Will we have an opportunity to meet current Hamlin families as part of the admission process?

    A. Absolutely. We feel it is important for you to have contact with our current community. Hamlin parents will be available at all of our admission events including Learn About Hamlin on Saturday, October 26, 2019 and during weekday tours. Current Grade 8 students will be leading your tours of the campus.
  • Q. How old does my daughter have to be to apply for Kindergarten?

    A. Applicants for Kindergarten must be five years old by August 1 of the year they would be entering.
  • Q. Are letters of recommendation required for entrance?

    A. Teacher evaluations from your daughter’s present school are required as part of the application process. Additional letters of recommendation in support of your daughter’s application are neither expected nor required.
  • Q. Is a declaration of "first choice" required?

    A. Declaration of "first choice" is not part of the admission process at Hamlin.

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