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  • The opportunity to attend a girls’ school is exactly that—an opportunity! Girls understand on a daily basis that they can play all roles in a school—captain of every team, president of every club, best student in every class, creator of new initiatives, editors and entrepreneurs and builders and advocates.

Hamlin cultivates leadership skills in every young woman and promotes the importance of service to others, both within and beyond our community.

Developmental psychologists tell us that young people shape and define their identity from ages 10 to 16, and girls at Hamlin learn that first and foremost, they are good students—joyful, eager, hard-working, and successful. Beyond the classroom, girls learn that they are athletes, actors, journalists, software developers, musicians, debaters, activists, community service leaders, and artists.

In a girls’ school, girls learn that their value is derived from their academic success, their leadership abilities, their service to others, and their contributions to the world around them. Research confirms that graduates of girls’ schools develop life-long friends and achieve greater success both in the academic and professional worlds.

Through the curriculum and through myriad experiences outside the classroom, the girls at Hamlin learn to be problem-solvers, learn to manage their time, and learn to speak up about issues of concern, locally and globally. They participate fully in a diverse and cohesive community. The girls come to discover their passions and their strengths. They come to know themselves—the best preparation possible for the lives they will lead in the years ahead.

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The Hamlin School educates girls to meet the challenges of their time and inspires them to become extraordinary thinkers and innovators, courageous leaders, and individuals of integrity.
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