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Our goal is to make a Hamlin education accessible to qualified students whose families understand and embrace the mission of the School.

For the 2021-2022 school year, tuition for each student is $39,450. To support an inclusive community, the school provides financial assistance awards ranging from $500 to $43,050. Financial assistance can include tuition, extended care, and educational support as needed. Hamlin encourages families to apply for financial assistance, even if only a modest grant would make a difference.

While each family carries the primary responsibility for financing its daughter’s education, the School works in partnership with individual families to develop a sound financial plan. For some families, a creative payment plan may be the solution. For others, it will be a combination of School and family resources.

Investing in an independent school education requires significant commitment to financial planning and prioritizing. We recognize that the cost of private school tuition has become increasingly challenging. Accordingly, Hamlin has made a commitment to increase substantially its available funds for financial assistance grants.

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