From the Alumnae Board President

Dear Fellow Alumnae,
Welcome to the Alumnae section of the Hamlin website! The Hamlin Alumnae Association is an integral part of the Hamlin community. In partnership with the Director of Alumnae Engagement, the Alumnae Board aims to connect with as many former students as possible to bring them “home to Hamlin" by attending events, volunteering, or having an active voice in shaping the alumnae engagement program. 
This section of our website provides a calendar of events held throughout the year. We have a robust list of events that we hope will appeal to alumnae young and old, those with children and those without, social butterflies and lifelong learners. Over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with so many amazing women are leading such fascinating lives. But regardless of when we graduated or where our lives have taken us, we share a common bond: Hamlin.  

Also within the the Alumnae section of the website, you'll find information on getting involved at Hamlin, recent news and publications, and information on making a gift to our alma mater.
Hamlin holds a very special place in our hearts. When you return to Stanwood Hall and see the girls in uniform looking much like our past selves, so many memories come to life again. 
We hope to see you soon!
Warm Regards,

Candace (Chin) Yu '96
Alumnae Board President

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