PA Leadership

Parents Association Executive Committee

President: Mimi Rowe
Vice President: Kana Muraki
Communications: Stefanie Rosenberg
PLAID Reps: Cornelia Flannery and Chris Tan
Lend-a-Hand Reps: Mary Graf and Jennifer VanderMarck
Room Parent Coordinators: Frances Topacio (LS) and Sheila Cuthbert (MS)
Secretary: Celeen Stenzler
Treasurer: Aparna Aghi and Art Weiss
Volunteer Coordinator: Arpita Pitroda (LS) and Natasha Dalzell-Martinez (MS)
Spring Fundraiser Chairs: Ginger Braun, Kasey Wayne, and Kelly Woodruff
Winterfest Chairs: Nikki George and Tamara Sypult

Parents Association Program Chairs

Lunch: T Dyer
Library: Sheila Cuthbert and Aarifa Shahjahan
Lost and Found: Steve Monty
School Store: Jennie Palmer and Susan Davenport
Faculty Appreciation: Jane Gaito, Amy Rees, and Andrea Zola
Book Club: Kelly Close, Natasha Dalzell-Martinez, Marie Hurabiell, and Kathy Yu
S.P.E.A.K.: Kelly Close
Retail Donation Coordinator: Art Weiss

Golf Tournament Chairs: Rebecca & Will Dearie

Grandparents and Special Friends Day Chairs: Jennifer Lindh, Becky Marcus-Woods, and Shreya Ramchandani

PLAID Chairs: Cornelia Flannery and Chris Tan

Lend-a-Hand Reps: Mary Graf and Jennifer VanderMarck
Literary Lion Book Drive Chairs: Kana Muraki, Kathy Shepherd, and Schenley Walker
Hamlin Harvest Chairs: Betsy Ahlstrand and Nichole Sullivan
Harvest Brunch Chair: Sarah McCourt
Read with Me Chair: Natasha Dalzell-Martinez and Molly Wadhwani

Chairs: Nikki George and Tamara Sypult 
Bake Sale: Sharon Gee and Dalynn May
Book Fair: Melissa Morales and Kathy Yu
Carnival: Phil Topacio
Communications: Sarah McCourt
Crepe Escape: Marie Hurabiell
Décor: Kimberly Harding
Finance: Aparna Aghi and Art Weiss
Food Trucks: Devon Johnson and Jeff Stewart
Gingerbread: Jung O’Donnell, Samantha Raniere, and Cathy Storfer
Graphics: Alice Winthrop
Marketplace:  Jessica MacGregor and Gwyndolen Thiessen
LS Activities: Jen Belenson and Cornelia Flannery
MS Activities: Kristina Conner and Kim Garfinkel
Operations: Frank Moslander 
Volunteers: Erin Walheim
Wags & Whiskers: Linle Froeb and Bridget Schickedanz

Spring Fundraiser Chairs: Ginger Braun, Kasey Wayne, and Kelly Woodruff

Annual Fund: Alison and Jim Haljun, Serena Fairchild, Erin Lowenberg, and Brooke Read

Room Parents
Kindergarten: Danah Alshaikh, Kimberly Harding, Jung O'Donnell, Megan Porter, Eileen Rodriguez, and Julia Tan
Grade 1: Dalynn May, Shreya Ramchandani, and Alice Winthrop
Grade 2: Kim Garfinkel, Amy Price, and Nichole Sullivan
Grade 3: Jennifer Belenson, Meghan Harris, and Maya Rodgers
Grade 4: Sharon Gee, Mary Graf, and Sally Yu
Grade 5: Lanier Coles and Jenn Flegel
Grade 6: Jamie Bartlett and Courtney Klinge
Grade 7: Elizabeth Condon and Leslie Hom
Grade 8: Celeste Bobroff, Jessica Eisler, Kristen House, and Summer Walker

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The Hamlin School educates girls to meet the challenges of their time and inspires them to become extraordinary thinkers and innovators, courageous leaders, and  women of integrity.

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