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The Hamlin School offers daily lunch and snack service from Acre Gourmet. Acre’s Real School Lunch program offers an organic and sustainable approach to nourishing our student community. 
Each day we cook and serve organic food that promotes an optimistic outlook within the school while enhancing students’ capacities to stay focused and engaged. When we set out to serve lunch at schools we knew that it had to be healthy and delicious. We define our success by the many happy faces at lunchtime and the fact that students, faculty and parents rave about our flavorful and healthy food.

A Positive Change

Our menu options offer diversity, while still being familiar and accessible to less adventurous palates. We are committed to cooking with seasonal ingredients and are enthusiastic supporters of our local food growers and purveyors. We strive for a minimally processed menu, relying upon simple and popular 'cooked from scratch' meals. 

Acre Real School Lunch – Guiding Principles
  • Cook food from scratch
  • Keep food affordable without compromising quality
  • Keep food choices inclusive of particular health and diet needs
  • Support and use local and organic ingredients
  • Use grass-fed meat and free range poultry, free of hormones and antibiotics
  • Use only natural, non-hydrogenated oils in our cooking and dressings
  • Serve food fresh and hot, not reheated
  • Respect the environment through sustainable practices like our full composting/recycling program that aims for ‘zero waste’
Acre Real School Lunch – Goals for a Better Food Culture
  • Educate and empower kids through the experience of eating real food in its true season
  • Our dining rooms promote collegiality, conversation and friendship
  • Consciously integrate sustainable principles into the school curriculum including student farm visits, school gardens and inspiring guest speakers
  • Programming initiatives that bring families and farmers together through programs like Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
Acre Real School Lunch – Menus
  • Greatly exceed USDA guidelines for nutrition
  • Are low in sugar and free of trans fats
  • Are continually changing and offer a wide variety of healthy choices within each meal
  • Embrace cultural diversity
  • Are appetizing to a younger palate (for inspiration we ask kids for their favorite recipes)
  • Pay special attention to vegetarian and vegan options and accommodate all dietary/allergy concerns

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  • Lunch Volunteer Program

    Lunch Duty is a fun and easy way to volunteer and be involved at Hamlin. Parent volunteers are crucial to the lunch program's success, so we truly appreciate your participation.
    As a volunteer, you will help serve food and help the girls make healthy food choices. Participating in the Hamlin Lunch Volunteer program is a wonderful opportunity to see your daughter and her classmates at lunch, as well as meet the faculty, staff, and fellow volunteers. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy a delicious meal at the end of your shift. Volunteer shifts are from 11:00 am-1:00 pm each school day. All parents are welcome, as well as grandparents, caretakers, and alumnae.
    If you have any questions, please contact Thank you for volunteering today!

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