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  • An eruption of laughter in the math room. A fallen book picked up and handed to a friend. A vibrant debate begun in social studies and carried into the lunchroom. One only has to walk the halls of our Middle School to witness these acts of joy, kindness, and curiosity.

Welcome to the Hamlin Middle School!

Mark Picketts
Middle School Division Head
True to our mission, we strive to inspire our girls to become courageous leaders and women of integrity. To that end, a Middle School student at Hamlin enjoys the experience of being both independent and nurtured. She starts her day in morning meeting, greeted by her advisor and fellow students, and then she embarks on a journey of stimulating academic experiences. The girls conclude each day with advisory and homeroom periods, during which health and wellness instruction, academic goal-setting, and community building occur. Following advisory is Flex Time, where girls can choose to meet with teachers for extra help, have a quiet or collaborative work period, or participate in a club. On Fridays, we end the week together as a middle school, with Student Council leading the assemblies.
In addition to cultivating leadership and integrity, Hamlin teachers are equally committed to creating extraordinary thinkers and innovators through the educational program they deliver in the classrooms. English, social studies, and science have longer blocks that meet on a rotating basis throughout the six-day cycle, whereas Math and Spanish occur for shorter periods of time with more frequency. Regular physical education and arts classes round out the educational experience for middle schoolers. Highlights from a typical day for a Hamlin Grade 5 student include analyzing the school’s water use and proposing a plan for conservation or solving a multi-stepped challenge using data collected from the sensors of their Lego EV3 robots. A Grade 6 student might conduct a science lab on earthquake-proof houses, and then later in math class, choreograph a dance simulating the order of operations. A Grade 7 student might be found debating about the latest bill passed by Congress or pitching an app they've coded in collaboration with JavaScript engineers from Salesforce or PopSugar. A Hamlin Grade 8 student could begin her day guiding prospective parents on a campus tour or scaling the climbing wall before heading to English class, where she could be pitching a screenplay treatment for an adaptation of Romeo & Juliet.
At the end of a typical day, our girls walk out the front door feeling connected and powerful. They know that their teachers and advisors are committed to supporting their emotional and social learning, as well as holding them to high standards of academic and ethical excellence. With this knowledge, Hamlin’s Middle School girls are indeed equipped to meet the challenges of their time.

We invite you to visit for a first-hand look at how our commitment to adolescent girls manifests in an exciting, innovative educational experience.
Mark Picketts
Middle School Division Head

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The Hamlin School educates girls to meet the challenges of their time and inspires them to become extraordinary thinkers and innovators, courageous leaders, and  women of integrity.

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