Parent Volunteer Duties

Thank you for volunteering for lunch duty! Please familiarize yourself with the following duties and remember that, while lunch duty is a great chance to get to see your daughter, we have a lot of students to serve and request you be mindful of when and where your help is needed. Please arrive promptly at 11:00 am and plan to stay until the 5th and 6th grade has gotten their lunch (around 12:15). After this, you are welcome to stay and help the 7th & 8th graders, eat lunch, or leave.

Job breakdown:
  • Hot bar: 2 volunteers
  • Sandwiches: 1 volunteer
  • Soup: 1 volunteer
  • Fruit/dessert/float: 1 volunteer
You are responsible for:
  • Ensuring the students move smoothly and efficiently through the line at the hot bar
  • Informing the kitchen if a particular food is running low
  • Maintaining a clean serving space and alerting maintenance staff of any large messes
  • Following health department requirements
  • Serving the K-2 students from the hot bar and assisting the grade 3-4 students if a food is particularly messy or hard to serve. Please be aware of portion sizes for our youngest students and err on the side of small portions. They have time to come back for more and this way we can try to avoid creating a lot of waste.
  • Serving soup and making sandwiches
  • Directing any students with allergies/food sensitivities/questions about the food to Chef Emily, a member of the Acre Gourmet staff, or Food Program Manager Tali Biale
  • Serving dessert on Wednesday (see Guidelines for more information on dessert)
  • Encouraging students to make healthy choices without forcing them to eat something particular or forbidding them for other items that are available
  • Helping to oversee students busing of dishes and checking correct disposal of garbage and compost
You are not responsible for:
  • Serving Middle School students from the hot bar--these students can serve themselves.
  • Making sure a student is eating. If you have a concern, please direct it to a teacher, a counselor, or the Food Program Manager.
  • Deciding what a student should or should not eat (dessert is the only item that is not unlimited). Please discuss any concerns with the Food Program Manager.
  • Imposing certain rules in the dining room, even if they have worked with your child at home.
  • Knowing everything about the food, you can always refer a student to the kitchen staff.
  • Making sure a student takes an item from the hot bar. We encourage K-2 students to walk through and see what’s there even if they end up not taking anything.

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