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  • Hamlin offers a challenging academic program within a supportive environment.

As Sarah Dix Hamlin asserted in 1896, the purpose of a Hamlin education is to “educate girls to meet the challenges of their time.” In order to deliver on this core aspect of our mission, Hamlin is dedicated to clear instructional goals, high-performance standards, and an innovative and reflective program. Our program is inspired by current thought leaders and educational experts, brain research on how girls learn and develop, national Common Core standards in English and mathematics, California State standards, carefully selected recommendations from national organizations (i.e. National Council for the Social Studies), and our own thinking about how best to provide students with the necessary tools to lead healthy and successful lives in the 21st century.

We make informed choices about what subjects and skills students must know and when those subjects and skills should be taught, and we will continue to work collaboratively to make adjustments and improvements when and where needed. Additionally, Hamlin’s classroom teachers have the luxury and expertise to design units of study with as much depth, breadth, and creative flair as they wish. Moreover, the ultimate goal is always to inspire students to think and engage deeply and to take an active part in their own learning.  We spend a great deal of time and energy reflecting on our choices and work continuously to improve all of our initiatives and programs.

As we uphold high academic standards and measure students' efforts and achievement over time, we are equally committed to developing their ethical minds, compassionate spirits, and leadership skills: thus, character education, service learning, and public speaking are all essential features of a Hamlin education. Please enjoy reading about the many aspects of the Hamlin experience!

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The Hamlin School educates girls to meet the challenges of their time and inspires them to become extraordinary thinkers and innovators, courageous leaders, and individuals of integrity.
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