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  • At the heart of the Hamlin experience is the development of lasting relationships between family, students, and faculty. The threads of community, woven intentionally together, support rigorous and deeply engaging academic pursuits. The result? Girls reach far beyond our expectations.


Welcome to the Hamlin Lower School!

Our ultimate goal in Kindergarten through Grade 4 is to welcome and to challenge our students to discover, share, and always be their authentic selves. Our program is thoughtfully designed and implemented with research-based and educator-revised curricula that helps each student find strength in their voice and scholarship while engaging in a rigorous journey full of wonder and play.

One of the ways we ensure that academic rigor is rooted in discovery is through project-based learning. Our talented faculty are constantly collaborating while continuing their own learning to create inspiring educational opportunities inside and outside of their classrooms. Instead of “giving” our students a top-notch education, we give them the tools and experiences to seek and deepen their understanding through inquiry and creativity.

Our social emotional curriculum is at the core of all we do in The Hamlin Lower School. We are ever aware of the importance of a child’s learning environment and emotional well-being as essential to truly thriving in school. With our two primary resources, The Toolbox Project and The Institute for Social Emotional Learning, we consider our students’ social emotional learning a core subject with dedicated teaching time, as well as intentional opportunities to integrate these skills into all subject areas. Hamlin girls develop and learn amidst high expectations, and with that comes our responsibility to arm them with all they need to be stellar learners and leading citizens in their communities.

Perhaps the most powerful testament to Hamlin’s program is the sense of community you simply cannot miss once on campus. The love of learning is palpable and the students’ engagement extraordinarily high. We are excited to welcome you to The Hamlin Lower School when you visit us. We will see you soon!

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The Hamlin School educates girls to meet the challenges of their time and inspires them to become extraordinary thinkers and innovators, courageous leaders, and individuals of integrity.
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