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  • At the heart of the Hamlin experience is the development of lasting relationships between family, students and faculty. The threads of community, woven intentionally together, support rigorous and deeply engaging academic pursuits. The result? Girls reach far beyond our expectations.

Welcome to the Hamlin Lower School!

Nisa Frank
Lower School Division Head
At Hamlin, we are passionate about joyful learning. Our goal is to provide our faculty, parents, friends, and especially our girls an opportunity to shift their educational lenses. As a school community, we are constantly thinking and learning in ways that stretch the limits of where we can go. This daily exercise of the brain and body prepares our girls to embrace the challenges of the evolving world with excitement and wonder.

You don’t have to look far to see the evidence of the “work” of the Lower School. With just one peek into a classroom, you will see and hear the girls grappling with social issues, engaging in respectful discourse, drumming up ideas to expand their learning tools, and listening and collaborating with others. Imagine each girl as an instrument, adding her own unique tone and pitch to a symphony of thought and experience; at Hamlin, you will indeed hear and see a masterful piece of music!

And what is a symphony without its conductors? Our Lower School faculty and staff guide our girls with the utmost care and expertise.  Uniquely qualified teachers, coaches, counselors, and staff orchestrate an environment for learning that is unmatched. As continuous learners, faculty and staff transfer their knowledge to every inch of Hamlin, creating a vibrant and inclusive space where learning happens all around.  

At each grade level, developmentally appropriate tools are used to differentiate instruction and engage our students to drive the rigor that feels healthy and essential to our progress. A workshop approach to literacy with a variety of teaching resources means that students of all ages read and write in authentic and intentional ways. Our mathematics curriculum is geared towards developing a concrete understanding of mathematical concepts. This includes valuing process as much, if not more than, product. Our girls learn to be skillful in applying knowledge in order to solve real problems in ways that are innovative and inclusive of new approaches. With the blending of problem solving, consistent use of manipulatives, and mastery in computation, math becomes another fluent language.  In addition to literacy and numeracy, all teaching at Hamlin puts the learner at the center of the process and ultimately meets the needs of each girl as an individual.

To ensure genuine opportunities for success, social-emotional learning is an essential complement to our academic program. The ability to receive, process, and transfer knowledge lies in believing in one’s own efficacy. Learning about ourselves and each other allows us to live our Creed every day. Together we learn and practice our core values of compassion, courage, honesty, respect, and responsibility.

In the end, the best way to understand what the Hamlin experience will mean for your daughter is to visit us. Our doors are always open, and we invite you to see the endless possibilities in store!

Nisa Frank
Lower School Division Head

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