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  • An eruption of laughter in the math room. A fallen book picked up and handed to a friend. A vibrant debate begun in social studies and carried into the lunchroom. One only has to walk the halls of our Middle School to witness these acts of joy, kindness, and curiosity.

Welcome to the Hamlin Middle School!

Hamlin's Middle School is a joyful and robust learning community where girls exercise their power as thinkers and leaders every day.

At Hamlin we understand that learning is relational, and the Middle School program is designed to support strong student-teacher relationships and deep, authentic friendships among the girls. Hamlin is a school where teachers know students as whole children and teach them with intentionality, expertise, and care. Our integrated social emotional learning (SEL) program provides students with opportunities to develop the self-awareness, social awareness, and decision-making skills that help them build healthy relationships now and over the course of their lives.

We know that Middle School is a time when girls are discovering who they are and what they believe. They need to receive positive messages that help them recognize their self-worth, claim their strengths, and build their confidence. At the same time, girls need to be encouraged to stretch themselves as scholars and leaders. The experienced Middle School faculty finds this balance for each child, ultimately preparing every girl to graduate from Hamlin with the academic, social, and emotional skills to successfully continue on the path of lifelong learning.

As the Middle School Division Head, I am amazed each day by the extraordinary people who comprise the Middle School community. On my first visit to Hamlin, I asked my student tour guide what she appreciated most about Hamlin. Without hesitation she replied, “I think the best thing about Hamlin is that it teaches me how to think, not what to think.” Her words demonstrate the power of the Middle School program. I invite you to come visit our extraordinary thinkers and experience for yourself the warmth and energy that fills our hallways and classrooms. We look forward to welcoming you!

Kelsey Twist Schroeder, Ed.D.
Middle School Division Head

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