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Hamlin's dedicated and experienced faculty is committed to providing an educational experience that meets each student's needs through a variety of instructional strategies and approaches. As a school community, we value all dimensions of each child and work diligently to address students’ intellectual, social, emotional, and physical needs. Hamlin teachers acknowledge and respect the fact that all of our children approach learning in their own unique ways, yet we are not a school that specializes in serving students with significant learning differences or social-emotional challenges.

Our learning specialists and counselors are important resources to teachers and to parents; they help pinpoint academic and social-emotional challenges and are also closely involved with designing an action plan to address issues. After careful analysis and reflection, a teacher, with guidance from the learning specialist and division head, may determine that a student would benefit from tutoring. In such cases, a referral for tutoring will be made in a parent meeting with the classroom teacher, learning specialist, and division head.

Our counseling program is an integral part of the program at Hamlin, as we seek to nurture and strengthen each girl’s sense of herself and social-emotional well-being. Toward this end, there is a Lower School counselor and a Middle School counselor on campus every school day. The counselors in both divisions teach whole-group lessons in classrooms and are also available to meet with students for a limited number of sessions to address their questions and concerns as individuals or as a small group. Counselors are available for students, faculty, and parents for general guidance, problem-solving, and crisis intervention.

We believe that Hamlin girls will thrive socially and emotionally, overcome obstacles and challenges, and build resilience when the adults in their lives are able to work effectively together.

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