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  • Technology is an essential tool for helping Hamlin girls become “extraordinary thinkers and innovators, courageous leaders, and individuals of integrity.”

Hamlin classrooms weave a variety of technological tools to support the teaching and learning cycle. We approach the use of technology with a pedagogical lens where we act with intention and use a rigorous decision-making process to select the tools that we incorporate into our program. We believe that technology cultivates curiosity, independent exploration, analysis, and unique creativity, while rooting the educational experience and shaping the lives of today’s digital citizens.

Innovation with technology is core to the Hamlin program. We offer K-8 programming while supporting a growing robotics program, ensuring that our students are not only savvy consumers of technology, but more importantly, are creators. As a community, we are moving beyond simply using substitution technology (i.e., digital textbooks) and are working towards redefining teaching and learning with the aid of technology (i.e., student-driven learning).

Hamlin's Digital Citizenship curriculum is a thoughtful and intentional program that begins in Kindergarten and goes through graduation. Digital literacy and citizenship are interwoven throughout the Hamlin curriculum, highlighting our belief that living an ethical digital life complements creativity and creation. We have been recognized by Common Sense Media as a “Digital Citizenship Certified School”, and actively work with our parent community to ensure our students receive a consistent message to encompass a digital world that remains active outside of the school day.

We use Common Sense Media's Scope and Sequence tool as our primary teaching guide while working with students to develop competency for online behavior both at school and at home. Digital literacy and citizenship are continually addressed with a focus on privacy, online safety, communication, digital footprints, proper citation practices, and research skills. Our belief is that every Hamlin teacher is a digital citizenship teacher and our support for staff members in becoming Digital Citizenship Certified Teachers has allowed our school to be recognized as a Digital Citizenship Certified School.

In 2017, Hamlin was selected as an Apple Distinguished School. You can download our Multitouch Book (iBook) to learn more about our program.

Lastly, Hamlin has a passionate and responsive technology team that serves our girls K-8, the faculty, and the staff.

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