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  • Robotics is an excellent way to incorporate STEM topics (science, math, engineering, and mathematics) into elementary education.

Physical computing provides hands-on learning experiences in coding that move students into a more active and social environment. Lower School students program Dot and Dash robots using a block-based coding platform called Blockly. They also build and program LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robots and use them to complete a series of multi-step challenges. Through their experiences, they learn about fundamental computer science concepts such as sequencing, patterns, and algorithms.

In Middle School, students build on their knowledge of physical computing with more open-ended robotics projects. They use micro:bits, Circuit Playgrounds, and Hummingbird Bits to design and create projects that light up, move, and react to the environment with LEDs, motors, and sensors. They are also introduced to real-world robots, the context in which they operate, and the challenges that they face. They begin to experiment with sensors, loops, and switches as they write programs for the EV3 robots based on real-world robots’ problems. They also learn about more advanced coding concepts such as arrays, loops, and functions. 
Through their exploration of robotics, Hamlin students develop their logic, reasoning, and troubleshooting skills as well as their communication and collaboration skills.

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