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Campaigns and Endowment

Hamlin is currently engaged in the early stages of a campaign to increase the School's endowment and transform our urban campus. More news will follow soon, but please contact Lauren Thornhill in the meantime with any questions.

Campaigns are large-scale, special fundraising initiatives for specific and targeted projects. Campaigns provide the additional financial resources necessary for major enhancements to the School, and are therefore frequently transformative in nature. Each campaign serves to sustain and improve Hamlin and the experience it provides for our girls.

What To Expect:

  • Campaigns generally last approximately three to five years
  • Parents are typically asked to participate in anywhere from one to three campaigns during their daughter’s nine years at Hamlin


The Endowment provides long-term support to ensure Hamlin’s financial stability. Funds contributed to the Endowment give the school administration and trustees the flexibility and confidence to grow, improve, and respond to strategic developments.

The School has four categories of endowment:

General Endowment:
Earnings from gifts to the General Endowment are used to support the overall mission of the School.

Financial Assistance Endowment:
Earnings from gifts to the Financial Assistance Endowment are used to provide financial assistance to qualified families.

Faculty Support Endowment:
Earnings from gifts to the Faculty Support Endowment are used to support the faculty and the School’s professional development program.

Facilities Endowment:
Earnings from gifts to the Facilities Endowment are used to support Hamlin’s physical plant.

What To Expect:
Endowment gifts are typically solicited as part of a campaign

Learn more about capital and endowment gifts

Contact Lauren Thornhill, Executive Director of Institutional Advancement by emailing or calling

What is the difference between the Annual Fund and a campaign?

Annual Fund dollars are the bedrock of Hamlin’s fundraising initiatives and offer direct support to the operating budget. Campaign dollars are solicited for a specific purpose such as campus renewal, land acquisition, or endowment. Due to the length and scope of campaigns, they usually have a higher monetary goal than the Annual Fund.

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